Floor coating exposed to heavy stresses

Floors in industry and production facilities are subjected to a multitude of stresses, especially mechanical stresses through forklift traffic, machines, or shocks through falling objects.

Concrete floors subjected to such stresses are covered with the industrial floor coating KÖSTER LF-VL. KÖSTER LF-VL is a solvent free, self-leveling and pigmented floor covering for industrial uses with a high abrasion resistance.

The substrate must be prepared, dry, clean, and freed of all bond inhibiting substances. It is then primed with KÖSTER LF-BM, KÖSTER CT 121 or when moisture is present in or below the slab with KÖSTER VAP I 2000; and finally coated broadcasted with quartz sand.

The top layer can also be adjusted for various slip resistance classifications by broadcasting it with kiln dried silica sand or various top coats. The application of KÖSTER LF-VL, can then follow as a thin layer to create a slip resistance or in various millimeter. The complete system can be installed with low emission materials according to the AgBB guidelines and can therefore, be installed in critical interiors such as schools or hospitals.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.



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