Floor coating exposed to moderate stresses

The KÖSTER Universal Floor System is an easy to apply coating and sealing system for mineral substrates for light to moderate mechanical and chemical stresses in commercial and private real estate. Light stresses are e.g., when used in a storage room, living room or offices. Medium stresses arise e.g., when loaded with forklifts or pallet trucks, driving in private garages or the effects of de-icing salt from vehicles, hallways & shops, among others.

As a water-based epoxy resin, KÖSTER CT 215 Universal Floor is also suitable for coating damp substrates. The epoxy resin KÖSTER CT 215 Universal Floor is applied to the prepared substrate as primer, as well as a leveling flow coat. With the incorporation of KÖSTER Filler fine, layer thicknesses of up to 2 mm can be achieved. 
For enhanced cleaning properties as well as a pigmented surface finish, KÖSTER CT 215 Universal Floor can be applied undiluted as a final sealant.

Surface protection for the walls can be easily achieved with KÖSTER Acrylic Paint or KÖSTER Silicone Paint White.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines. For detailed installation guidelines, consult the latest System Data sheet.



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